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So You Want to Buy a Suppressor

So You Want to Buy a Suppressor?

NOTE: You’ll need an appointment before starting this process. Call or text CastleSeven Combat at 270-398-2521.

Below is a list of items needed and the steps we’ll go through together to get a suppressor into your hands.

NOTE: This applies only if you’re buying a suppressor from CastleSeven Combat directly and in-person, or if you’ve purchased a suppressor online and had it shipped to CastleSeven Combat for in-person pickup.

We use ATF eForm 4 for NFA transactions from FFL to non-license holder. The following are the items you’ll need to bring with you, assuming you are applying as an individual:

If you are applying as a Trust, you’ll need a few additional specific items :


If you don’t already have an ATF Eforms Account, follow this link and Click “Register”. During the account creation process, you’ll create a PIN. The PIN is used to certify your form when you come into the shop to complete your submission. Make sure you know your account email address and PIN when you meet with CastleSeven Combat.


As part of the submissions process for a suppressor, you are required by the ATF to submit your fingerprints. There are two options for submitting your fingerprints alongside the eForm 4: digital or physical.

Physical fingerprints must be submitted in duplicate. This means you will need to complete 2 FD-258 cards that have been issued by the ATF. You’ll know they’ve been issued by the ATF if they contain the following ORI information on the card: WVATF0800 ATF-NATL TRA CTR MARTINSBURG WV

If you want to do Physical Fingerprinting, The UPS Store at 1945 Scottsville Road performs ink-based fingerprinting for ~ $15 (prices set by them and subject to change). Just make sure you ask them to use the FD-258 card with the appropriate ORI when calling to set up an appointment.

If you want to do fingerprinting yourself, you can order fingerprint cards from the ATF here: https://www.atf.gov/distribution-center-order-form

Digital fingerprints are an easier way to submit fingerprint data to the ATF. Instead of mailing physical FD-258 cards after submitting your eForm 4, you will simply upload the .EFT file generated as part of the digital fingerprinting process. The UPS Store at 760 Campbell Lane offers digital fingerprinting services for ~ $20 (prices set by them and subject to change). As with the physical cards, let them know this is for the ATF / NFA so the appropriate ORI is selected. Most commonly this is ATFSIMPLE, but other common ORIs are used as well.

Be sure that when giving information to whatever digital fingerprinting service you use, you use the exact same information as you used during the creation of your eForms account (name, DOB, etc.). If there’s a mismatch or the .EFT is invalid, you’ll have to revert to the paper FD-258 forms submitted via mail.

In conclusion, you’ll either come to your initial meeting with CastleSeven Combat with your TWO FD-258 cards, or your .EFT file sent to sales@castlesevencombat.com.


This part is thankfully much more straightforward than the fingerprints. The USP Store, USPS, and stores like CVS or Walgreens can generate physical passport-style photos if you want those. But for eForms, just come to CastleSeven Combat and we’ll get your picture taken and ready for digital submission.

Meeting #1

During our first meeting we’ll make sure you have the required items from above, verify the item in our inventory that you want to purchase, and do a general overview of the process, which is as follows:

Both CastleSeven Combat and the email address you used during the creation of your eForms account will get several emails confirming the submission, payment, etc.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE PHYSICAL FINGERPRINTS VIA THE FD-258 FORMS, one of the emails will be a cover page to accompany the physical fingerprints. You will be responsible for mailing these to the ATF within 10 business days.

The CLEO copy of the form will be emailed to both you and CastleSeven Combat. It will be your responsibility that the CLEO of your jurisdiction receives a copy of the form. They no longer have to sign the form, just receive it for notification purposes. Your CLEO is the local chief of police, county sheriff, head of the state police, state or local district attorney or prosecutor. The best bet is to ask a local FFL who your CLEO is if you are unsure, or call the sheriff or police department.

And now we wait – ATF wait times are crazy but they have been improving with eForms. Once we receive notification that your application has been approved, we move on to…

Meeting #2

Your eForm 4 is finally approved! There won’t be any physical stamp that gets mailed for eForms. We will notify you of the approval, print you a copy of the approved form, and you’ll come back to CastleSeven Combat. When you show up you’ll fill out a 4473 but we’ll skip the normal NICS background check, as this will have been completed by the ATF/FBI during your approval process. You will gleefully leave to enjoy your new suppressor!