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About Us

CastleSeven Combat is a small family owned and operated 07 FFL Firearms Manufacturer and Dealer in Southern Kentucky. Because of our small size and desire to stay that way, we are able to focus intently on our customers needs and will happily work to find our customers the best firearm to suit their needs.

We make every effort to have personal experience with the items we regularly stock, so that our recommendations are backed by personal testimony instead of “general public consensus”. If we don’t have personal experience with an item, we’ll candidly tell you so and point you towards trusted reviewers.

As ardent advocates of the second amendment, we believe every free citizen of the United States is endowed with a natural, inalienable right to keep and bear arms. We want to see the safe and responsible ownership of firearms exercised by everyone. So if you’re here for concealed carry, competitions, home defense, hunting, protecting liberty, or you just like the smell of gunpowder, welcome and we’re happy you decided to check us out.